MWLTC 2019

April 19th - 20th

2019 Theme Logo

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone
lay down his life for his friends."
- John 15.13

What is MWLTC?

     Leadership Training for Christ is an organization designed to stimulate and encourage spiritualmental, and social growth among young men and women in grades three through twelve. Its mission is to achieve this growth by developing skills in leadership, Bible knowledge, and Christian service.

     Skill development in each of these areas will be accomplished through participation in a variety of individual and group events. These events will take place within the context of a wholesome and supportive environment designed for the purpose of fostering enthusiasm and high achievement among the participants.



  • Pre-Convention Events* – Pre-convention events explore talents from writing to Bible teaching. These events involve using various talents and to work on projects such as a children’s book or short film.  [These events are completed prior to MWLTC and do not require the participating student to attend.]
  • Display Events** – Bulletin boards, Christian Art, and Scrapbook allow students the opportunity to discover and develop artistic talents.
  • Challenge Events* – Challenge events are designed to encourage a lifestyle of study, service, and leadership. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to spend time in God’s Word (Bible Reading Challenge), serve others (Service Challenge), and teach others (Bible Class Teaching Challenge, Bulletin Board Challenge and Worship Leadership Challenge).
  • Convention Events*** – Bible Bowl challenges students to spend time in God’s Word throughout the year. Live Modern Christian Drama and Group Singing help students develop specific talents while working together as a team. These events are highlighted at the annual convention.

* These events are completed prior to MWLTC and do not require the participating student to attend.
** These events are completed prior to MWLTC and do not require the participating student to attend, but some artwork may need to be taken to MWLTC to be displayed and judged.
*** These events are completed prior to MWLTC and do not require the participating student to attend.



Deadline to apply for scholarships is: March 4th

Click here to apply for Scholarships

Here is a list of the participating schools:
Abilene – 2 for $1,000  / 2 for $500
Freed-Hardeman – 2 for $500
Harding – 3 for $1,000 (Seniors only)
Lubbock – 3 for $1,000 (Seniors only)
Lipscomb – 2 for $500
Oklahoma Christian – 4 for $500
York – $2,500 for any Junior or Senior



Deadline to apply is February 24th

Click here to visit the official MWLTC site.

If you would like to register for this year's MWLTC, please contact Adam before February 24th, 2019.
You can reach me via phone or email.

Phone:  815-534-0955



  • Where is MWLTC?
    • Indianapolis Marriott East
      7202 East 21st St
      Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • How much is this going to cost?
    • The elders have decided that the congregation will be paying the registration fee and the hotel cost for all participants.  The only cost to you for this trip will be for meals.  You should anticipate having to pay for four (4) meals, lunch twice, and dinner twice [continental breakfast will be provided by the hotel].
  • When will we practice/prepare for the events my child has signed up for?
    • A schedule for when and where we will practice/prepare for any event your child has signed up for will depend on who has signed up, and what events they have signed up for.  As soon as students begin to commit to various events, we will begin to create a tentative schedule.
  • MWLTC is Easter weekend.  Will my child miss Easter Sunday?
    • No, they will not.  We will be going down to MWLTC on Friday, April 19th and return the evening of Saturday, April 20th.